A Simple System to Write, Publish, and Market a Book to Be Recognized as the Expert You Are, and Change More Lives (including your own!)
In Write Books That Sell Now, 3 experts come together to take you step by step through the process to write a high-quality book, publish it like a pro, reach the right audience, and sell more books.

5 Reasons to Read This Book

It’s time to fnally write your book. And Write Books That Sell Now will help you get it done.

"When it comes to getting your book DONE, you need a system that holds you accountable, keeps you motivated and delivers results. Candice, Carol, and Anita gets the job done every time."

Monique LaRue, Author: Cultivate Critical Connections: 3 Steps for Creating Genuine Relationships

What's inside this book that you can't do without?

A system to write the book your audience wants to read—even if you’re not a writer

Specific strategies to make sure you avoid rookie mistakes so your book doesn’t end up looking like something printed on a home copier.

Tactics to tame the social media beast and make it work for you, your book, and your busy schedule.

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