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Are You Ready to Be Recognized as the Authority in Your Niche?

Welcome to the Write Books That Sell Now podcast, a weekly business show that’s helping you navigate the ever-changing world of self-publishing. This podcast is the ultimate resource for speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and other experts who want to write books to build credibility, reach more people, and earn more money.

Each week, we share our experiences and expertise in writing, publishing, and marketing high-quality self-published books. We also interview publishing professionals and author-entrepreneurs who’ve used their books to build their businesses.

Authors we’ve welcomed as guests include experts in the fields of personal finance, marriage and relationships, dating in the Internet age, entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and more.

All of these authors have one thing in common. They’ve figured out how to write, publish, and market a book to position themselves as the authority in their niche. Whether they’ve built a large social media following, launched a career as a speaker, landed television and radio appearances, or created workshops, courses, or other live events, their books have helped them do it.

Want to hang with Candice, Anita, and Carol as a guest on the Write Books That Sell Now podcast? Please follow the guidelines below.

Publishing Industry Professionals

Please submit a proposed topic for discussion, your bio, and a link to your website.

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Please submit your bio, a link to your website, a link to your book and 1 digital copy (.pdf or .mobi) of your book. We will contact you if we feel the show is a good fit for you. Here’s the email address to send it to: wbtsnprogram [at] writebooksthatsellnow [dot] com.


NOTE: The Write Books That Sell Now Podcast focuses on non-fiction books. While we lean heavily toward self-published titles, we also accept traditionally published titles for consideration.