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  • Are you ready to be recognized as the expert in your niche?
  • Is it time to solidify your authority, land better qualified clients, and book more prestigious speaking gigs?
  • Do you want a tangible reason to raise your coaching or consulting rates or command higher speaking fees?
  • Could you use another tool to funnel clients to your high-end products and services?

Your well-written, professionally published, and effectively marketed book can do all of that and more for you and your business. And we’ll show you how.


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  • Candice L Davis helped me bring my book into the world in record time. Together we focused and determined to make it happen. And it did!

    The book has been so well received and quite often people comment on the “voice” of the work. I credit Candice with keeping my voice while in the midst of a pressing deadline.

    Her professional expertise and passion for excellent writing brought out the best in my work and wrapped it in pristine editing and a presentation I could be proud of, all in perfect time!

    Author's imageDolley CarlsonInternational speaker and author of The Red Coat and the Gifts from the Heart series

Your book is one of the most effective ways for you to connect with your audience and get the recognition you deserve as an expert in your niche.

But you already know that, so what are you waiting for?

Stop thinking about writing your book, and finally get it done.

What exactly does Write Books That Sell Now include?

  • 6 video presentation modules broken down into manageable segments
  • a study guide to help you make the most of the course
  • 6 recordings of Candice, Anita, and Carol answering the most pressing questions about each module
  • conversations with publishing experts and successful authors who share industry insights
  • downloadable Author’s Success Toolbox filled with templates & worksheets to make the whole process easier
  • our 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!


bulbBonus #1: Recorded interviews with authors who’ve  successfully done exactly what you’re planning to do.  These author-experts will answer your questions about  writing, publishing, and marketing a book. Find out how  they handled the real-world challenges that come up for  many authors. You get live access to these authors at no  extra cost as a part of your course.  ($497 Value)


bulbBonus #2: Recorded interviews with industry experts. You’ll  have a chance to ask professionals, like a book cover  designer, an interior layout designer, or an editor the  questions you need answered before you move into the  publishing phase. These information-packed interviews are included with your enrollment in Write  Books That Sell Now.  ($497 Value)


And to make sure you completely experience the joy
of publishing your business building book:

You will experience six powerful, content-rich modules that walk you through a book creation process DESIGNED to establish your credibility and authority from the very first word you write!

  • Module 1-WRITE the RIGHT BOOK-Candice Davis

    1. How to get the Author’s Mindset
    2. Identifying and writing for your Unique Perfect Reader
    3. Choosing the right Topic to build your business
    4. Your book’s TWO Purposes, and choosing a Genre
    5. Your Theme: the major Insight of your book
    6. The Message your reader will take away
    7. How to write a Title/Subtitle that sells

    Module 2-WRITE the RIGHT BOOK-Candice Davis
    1. Drafting an Outline that keeps you on track
    2. How to write the Content your reader needs and wants
    3. When and how to use Beta Readers
    4. How to write the Content you need after your book content is written
    5. Using the Power of Story to hook your readers
    6. How to make the most of your Editor relationship
    Module 3-PUBLISH LIKE a PRO-Anita Henderson
    1. Your Publishing Dream Team
    2. Between the Covers: Basics of Interior Layout
    3. Registration, Copyright, and Ownership
    4. The Price is Right: Book Pricing Strategies
    5. To “E” Or Not To “E”: Do You Really Need an eBook?
  • Module 4-PUBLISH LIKE a PRO-Anita Henderson
    1. 3-2-1-Launch: Book Launch Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales
    2. Your Book as a Business: Use Your Book to Leverage Your Business or Brand
    3. Show Me the Money: Increase Your ROI and Decrease Your OMG!
    4. Think Outside the Bookstore: Creative Retail & Distribution Options For Phenomenal Book Sales
    Module 5-MARKET with SOCIAL MEDIA-Carol Dunlop
    1. What is Social Media Marketing?
    2. How Does Social Media Fit Into Your Overall Marketing Plan?
    3. Why Social Media Marketing Works
    4. Who Owns What: The Truth about Friends, Likes and Followers
    5. 5 Ws and an H; the Heart of Social Marketing
    Module 6-MARKET with SOCIAL MEDIA-Carol Dunlop
    1. Where to Find and How to Engage with Your Perfect Reader
    2. Saving Time: Re-Purposing and Re-Distributing your Content
    3. Social Marketing on Steriods: Auto-Pilot Posting Explained
    4. Your Newsletter, Your Sales Team
    5. Success with Your Blog and Blogging
    6. Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Get Your Audience Engaged
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    Click the photo to see her book!

  • I call Anita my book sherpa. She guided me, helped me avoid the normal pitfalls authors run into, kept me on track, and helped me achieve my life long goal to become an author. When I do this again – and she has convinced me I can – I will continue my journey with her. She is an inspiration, a friend, a mentor, and a great advocate for all things related to being an author.

    Author's imageRena KilgannonAuthor, What’s the Worst That Could Happen? How Women Entrepreneurs Succeed: They Ask, Risk, and Put It All On the Line


What New Doors Will
Your Book Open For You?

Write Book That Sell Now is designed to help entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, consultants, and other professionals who want to write the kinds of books that grow businesses and build a loyal following of raving fans.

Industry guides, how-to books, business memoirs, recipe books, and subject matter exploration books can all position you as the expert in your niche.

Turn on any news program or talk show and count how many of the experts being interviewed are also authors. Becoming “author of” gives you the kind of credibility that’s otherwise hard to come by.

We love fiction, but this program is not designed for novelists, short story writers, or even poets. Write Books That Sell Now isn’t for hobby writers either. This program is specifically designed to help authors grow their new or existing businesses with a high-quality nonfiction book they can leverage.

We’ll give you specific strategies you can implement to earn a return on your investment, so you can recoup the money you invest to write, publish, and market your book.

But these strategies will take you farther than that.

They’ll help you continue to increase your income.


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  • Carol Dunlop jumped in and helped me get my website and Facebook page set up quickly and without taking a lot of my time. That was so helpful when I was overwhelmed with getting social media integrated for my book. Thanks, Carol, for your responsiveness and for getting my Facebook page up and running. It was so nice that I had you in my corner and didn’t have to waste my time “figuring it out!”

    Author's imageTana GildeaAuthor, The Graduate’s Guide to Money and Co-Author, Building a Business, Building a Life

So what are you waiting for? Don’t spend another year thinking about, or worse yet, talking about writing a book.

Write Books That Sell Now gives you all the information you need to write, publish, and market a high-quality book.

  • We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process.
  • We’ll be available every week to answer your questions.
  • We’ll interact with you in the private Facebook group, so you can run your ideas by us and by your peers.

It’s true! Taking action now (when most won’t) means you’ll be reaping the kinds of benefits in the future most will only dream of!

When you sign up for Write Books That Sell Now, you will receive:

6 Powerful Content-rich video modules delivered to your private client area, broken down into manageable segments ($2597 Value)

A One-of-a-Kind Power Packed study guide to help you make the most of the course ($297 Value)

6 Recordings of Candice, Anita, and Carol answering the most pressing questions about each module ($697 Value)

The Write Books That Sell Now Author’s Success Toolbox filled with templates, tricks, hacks, worksheets and other unique author assets to make the whole process easier, faster, less time-consuming, less intense and much more profitable than doing this ALL ON YOUR OWN ($497 Value)

Interviews with publishing experts and successful published authors who share industry insights, secrets and little known tricks mainstream publishers will never reveal to you ($497 Value)

Transcripts of all content presented included in each module ($1997 Value)


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Here’s the reality . . .

This year is going to pass, just like all the others have.

Whether or not this is the year you finally
write your book is up to you.

We can give you all the tools, but you have to take action. We can’t make you do it. And we can’t do it for you.
You have to decide how you’ll finish 2017.

Will you end the year with the satisfaction of
having accomplished an important goal?

Or will you end the year with regret for letting another year pass without taking one more step toward becoming a published author?

You control your destiny with the choices you make every day.

Enroll now, and let us help you achieve your goal of writing a book, publishing it, and getting it on your readers’ bookshelves.