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  • Sistership is the Key to Our Success

    The Atlanta Falcons created a new word a couple of weeks ago on their journey to the NFL Playoffs: brothership. They explained that it was a merging of being a friend and being a brother. It described something at a deeper level than either word was on its own, hence “Brothership.” #RiseUp Being the innovative […]

  • How to Write Your Book Faster

    If you hang out with us, then you know that our favorite strategy for writing your book faster is to do the pre-writing work before you sit down to try to pump out your content. Know your reader, know your purposes, complete your outline. But what happens if you do all that work and, every […]

  • Never put off until tomorrow the book you can write today.

    How to Find a Great Editor for Your Book

    Don’t wait until you’ve finished writing your book to find the right editor. Editing is an important part of the publishing process that you can’t afford to skip or do halfway. It’s impossible to catch all your own typos, misspellings, weird word choices, and awkward sentences. A good editor will do all that and more. […]

  • A Special Event for Atlanta Women in Business

    Finally Write the Book You’ve Been Wanting to Write One of our core beliefs at Write Books That Sell Now is that entrepreneurs (small business owners, coaches, speakers) executives, and other professionals can jump-start their careers or grow their businesses by writing a book. Our team certainly works with men, but most of our clients […]

  • 15 Places to Sell Your Book Outside of a Bookstore

    Try this. Self-publish your book. Get it listed with distributors. And sit back and wait for bookstores to call you because they want to stock it on their shelves. You’ve got a long wait ahead of you. We love bookstores, but they’re swamped with authors who want a place on the shelves. There may come […]

  • Here’s Why You Need a Budget to Self-Publish Your Book

      Don’t wait until you finish writing your book to figure out how you’re actually going to get it published. The self-publishing process costs money, and you need to plan for it. Take the time to create a budget that includes must-have professional services like editing, cover design, and interior layout design. That way you […]

  • Surround Yourself with the Right People So You Can Succeed

    If your BFF, your spouse, your co-workers, or your siblings don’t understand your dream of becoming an author, they may try to convince you that your goals are unreachable. They mean well, but they want you to hold on to a solid 9-to-5, something with benefits, and give up all this talk of becoming a […]

  • When and How to Start Marketing Your Book

      Don’t wait until your book is finished before you start building your social media presence. Even before you start writing, you can figure out the best place to find your tribe online. Do some research and decide what social media platform is most popular with your future readers. (Hint: Forty-five-year-old professional women aren’t big on […]