How to Write Your Book Faster

—and a Warning for Authors

If you hang out with us, then you know that our favorite strategy for writing your book faster is to do the pre-writing work before you sit down to try to pump out your content. Know your reader, know your purposes, complete your outline.

But what happens if you do all that work and, every time you sit down, the words come sooooooo slowly?

Well first, go back over those early steps. If you’ve really done all the planning for you book and the writing is still slow, there’s an easy fix.

If you’re a slow typist, your thoughts go faster than your hands, or you do better speaking than writing, try this. Take out your outline and your writing plan, sit down, and record yourself speaking the content for you next chapter or section.

Do one small passage at a time. This process can take some getting used to, but if it helps you become a published author faster, it’s well worth the effort.

Use an app on your phone, a voice recorder or voice-to-text app on your computer, or even a free conference call line that allows you to download a recording when you’re done.

After you’re done, find a reasonably priced transcriber, send out your recording, and wait for your words to come back to you neatly typed on the page.

A Warning for Authors

What you’ve generated is NOT a book. You’ll have to revise that content yourself or pay a content editor to help you with that process.

GET IT DONE: Take out your outline and jot down a few important points for the next chapter. Record yourself speaking 15 minutes’ worth of content. If it feels like a method that can work for you, schedule more recording time on your calendar for this week.

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