About Us

Some people THINK about writing a book. Some people TALK about writing a book. Some people actually write, publish and market their book, and reap huge profits by doing so.

Write Books That Sell Now is a dynamic, high-content, intensive program that simplifies the process of writing, publishing, and marketing a book so it’s not overwhelming. This 6-part online course gives authors detailed information on how to begin writing and developing content, teaches what to expect from the publishing process, explains how to earn, and demonstrates how to market their book for high returns and visibility.

Authors, especially entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and other professionals, produce books to help leverage their business or brand . . . or at least they should. Most already know that a few things can instantly make them the expert in other people’s eyes.

•    Adding Phd, JD, or MD behind your name.
•    Sitting on the couch next to someone like Oprah.
•    And writing a book.

Write Books That Sell Now teaches a systematic approach to book writing, publishing and marketing, covering everything a new author needs to know about producing a high-quality self-published book that doesn’t look self-published and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.