Episode 8: Getting Visibility Through Media Interviews and Awards Programs

with Michael N. Henderson

Gone are the days of passively hoping to get noticed as an author. Well, they’re not completely gone, but we hope they will be very soon. Authors who step up and promote themselves using various marketing strategies are the ones who get noticed. Being recognized by book awards programs, and by local and national media, are two great strategies to sell more books, build your brand, and make more money. Find out how our guest, Michael Nolden Henderson, uses these strategies in his book marketing efforts.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to begin building your online and social media presence as an author
  • Various ways to measure the results of your marketing efforts
  • The basic process to apply for book awards programs
  • How awards recognition can help build your visibility
  • How to capitalize on your book awards using social media
  • Strategies for contacting the media about your book
  • A key aspect of getting reporters to pay attention when your book is pitched to them
  • Who should pitch your story to reporters
  • The importance of building relationships to influence reviews and media coverage of your book
  • How adding “author of” to your biography could impact your platform
  • Strategies to test possible book titles


  • A key aspect of your social media success
  • Should you, or should you not, consider buying Likes on Facebook.

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