Episode 14: How to Stay Healthy on the Road

with John Ayo

  1. How to Stay Healthy on the Road with john Ayo

Authors who travel—either to book signings, speaking gigs, or for business—often face the challenge of how to stay healthy on the road. Whether the struggle is with managing stress, eating healthy, exercising, or getting enough sleep, staying in balance while one the road can be a challenge for busy authors. Our guest, John Ayo, naturopath, speaker, author, and Certified Biofeedback Specialist, shares his insights into a lifestyle of health and balance, and why a natural approach to health can be best both while traveling and at home.

In this episode, you’ll discover the secrets to how to stay healthy on the road:

  • Why staying healthy is key to an author’s success
  • Insights into the field of naturopathy
  • Where traditional medicine falls short in healthcare delivery
  • How you can be the CEO of your own healthcare and healing
  • What to do to stay healthy while traveling
  • The biggest thing authors do while traveling that leads to being out of balance
  • Three things to avoid to help boost your immune system


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