Episode 12: The Art of Self-Promotion

with Debby Stone

With the right information, self-promotion strategies for authors can be surprisingly easy to implement. Yes, promoting yourself can be scary, but it’s necessary if you want to be noticed. So how do you promote yourself as an entrepreneur, professional, speaker, or author without sounding salesy and feeling yucky? Our guest, Executive Coach Debby Stone, explains the art of the “necessary evil” of promoting yourself. She also provides insight on how she made the most of her writing sessions to complete her book on schedule.

In this episode, you’ll discover self-promotion strategies for authors and:

  • Why women seem to have more difficulty than men do promoting themselves
  • Critical keys to promoting yourself
  • What makes self-promotion different from bragging or selling
  • How mindset lays the foundation of self-promotion
  • Why the composition or profile of your audience matters in your self-promotion message
  • How context and content shape your message
  • When self-promotion is entirely inappropriate
  • When the “fun” part of being an author begins
  • A different approach to tackling your writing sessions and get your book
  • Ways to motivate yourself to reach your deadline to complete your book


  • The changing dynamics of book stores
  • How the toy and gaming industry is impacting book stores

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